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!!WARNING!!! Adult Content. NOT 18? EXIT!! If you are an adult, then welcome to my used panties play land! My name is Amber. I am hoping that this will be ONE of the best used panties sites that you’ve ever visited. I have been providing my worn intimates and other treats since 2008, although what I mostly offer now are videos, foot fetish items, and photos to purchase. Through my years of providing used panties, I have discovered that what I do online satisfies me in many ways. This site is an extension of my own creativity and my love. I have an overall 'fetish' for musing with my body and promoting use of the imagination. What I produce is far from being illicit. I also have a big heart, and support my independent, self-made lady friends as much as possible!

2amber-0425This is my featured friend, Karina, and I love her to pieces! She's fantastically sweet, beautiful, classy, assy--and, from what I have heard from mutual patrons, exceptional at providing used panties. So, please, consider buying Karina's panties. :) Or, you can see how to buy used panties from my other friends! Or, you can stick to traversing my site for tons of free panty teases involving only myself, or purchase my videos, photos or foot fetish items. Happy browsing! XOXOXOXO Amber
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    Ode to Oni

    My gir-r-r-r-rl, where have you gone? Did the mean, loud, flashy thing in the sky chase you away? I hope that you found someone to feed you yummy canned food all day long Did you play a game that you could not win? Did your [...]

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