Blue Satin #DirtyPanties #Upskirt – Come Closer!


Blue Satin #DirtyPanties #Upskirt – Come Closer!


It was a playful morning for me while showing off the dirty gusset of these blue satin used panties. My nectar painting was something that I had to bring closer to the camera–hehe. One thing about these dirty panties…is that I had to hike the front up to my belly in order for the gusset to catch everything. It seems the manufacturer thought that it was best situated in the bum–a fanny gusset! I should start designing my own panties.

Would you care to view a few more satin used panties videos?

dirty satin panties


  1. anonymous10-27-2010

    Amber, sweet Amber, You are such a lovely woman. So sensual, so kind. And most of all, the most caring lady of the net. Thank you for everything. ;)

    • Amber Fellows10-28-2010

      Thank you, very much! Anonymous commentors….rock! ;)

  2. Robert10-27-2010

    Looks like you could use some time in a gym and a good exfoliation on your arse.

    • Amber Fellows10-28-2010

      That’s kind of a catty comment, “Robert”. :)

  3. Jon02-25-2013

    WOW xx

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