Dirty Sheer CK Bikini Panties Upskirt


Dirty Sheer CK Bikini Panties Upskirt


I was able to wear the best panties in the world. These are some pretty dirty panties. :) Look at that dirty panty gusset! I have another pair and I never want them to go away! The nylon is so amazingly soft and light, and the seams are barely noticeable–so comfy and conforming! Too bad the lighting was terrible in the video.

Here are a few additional sheer used panty tease videos, and an assemblage of my best used panties. Come and take a peek!

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  1. droutis07-07-2013

    These would be the hottest sheer panties ever, because they r owned by a girl with the hugest panty fetish ever, like mine of cource ;)

    my dirtiest fantasy about them would be 4 u to post them to me let’s say 4 a month… me to really really enjoy them by rubbing them, stretching them, feeling them on my d..k… very carefully to not rip a hole or smth ;)) send u pixxx and videos of yr panty “training” on my dick… and THEN send them back to u… so well “trained” , even softer, even more sexy and played with… what do u say?

    P.S. I am very serious… have done this already.. by sending my fetish sheer panties to a girl, she had her way with them, pixxx and video, and sent them back to me… mmm… if u r “game”, my mail is droutis@freemail.gr… if u still have them available, I would be really in to “d…k train” them 4 u … xxxxx

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