More Dirty Panty Gusset Pictures Posted – Want Some?

More Dirty Panty Gusset Pictures Posted – Want Some?


I decided to take a moment out from the current madness of my life to do something fun–post more used panties pictures in my dirty panty gusset gallery! Yay!

Dirty white panty gusset

Yes, I have been known to be generous at times. :) I might be greedy with my favorite pairs of panties these days but I am certainly making up for it with my free panty galleries, yes?

I have added four pairs of panties to the gusset showcase. You’ll have to go there to see them all, though.

This is a pretty fun thing that I have begun–showing off my true colors, up close and personal. I try to get my Pentax in as close as the kit lens will permit.

Before I began selling my panties I paid very little attention to gusset colorization. I am noticing that even from day to day the…hues change–hehe.

Yup, that’s me, the woman who really enjoys capturing the little things in life–nectar and forest shroomies!

Okay, i am feeling even more giving…. If you see a dirty gusset photo that you like, let me know and I’ll send you the original–one per inquiry, please. A lot of them are…large. :D


  1. SwinginLow05-18-2011

    You are absolutely delicious. I would like to pour Champagne down the small of your back and as it trickles down, lick it off that fabulous bum!. x

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