More of My Dirty Panty Gussets

More of My Dirty Panty Gussets


Added to my used panties dirty gusset gallery are three pairs, worn for 3 and 4 days! Honestly, I have been forgetting to take photos of them as of late, but had these sitting on my hard drive for some time. There’s a light blue pair of Victoria’s Secret string bikini panties, another one of her bikinis in black satiny with ‘sexy little things’ written on the fanny, and a white Armani thong – which I called Label Whore. The thong was so well-worn that they stood up on their own! I have some creative photos of them. A couple look like a gusset roller coaster! They were really, really dirty – beware! I love to dirty white panties, and these were second only to one other pair so far as a visual display is concerned. The dirtiest of my white used panties so far is also in the gallery; it’s a lacy European cheeky panty – hehe.

I need to remember to take more photos of my used panties before they go to their new loving homes. It’s a fun little project to play around with, macro panty shots!


  1. swingin low09-29-2011

    Once again christmas has come early!!! xxxxx ( hmmm thats a thought,,, Xmas special pics??? )

  2. Gary09-29-2011

    Sexy Little Things and creamy goodness, what else can one ask for?

    Roller coaster of nectar, that would be a big hit at the amusement park I’m sure! :-)

  3. m_p_lover09-29-2011

    Mmm!! Amazing! (; you’re one sexy sexy lady. I love very dirty white or black panties!! I have to go find them and see!!

  4. Amber Fellows09-29-2011

    I should put a little person sliding down my big gusset in the picture!

    Sexy and soft, is what they were! ;)

  5. ronalde00009-30-2011

    I like how it says Things instead of thing. Cause it so true. Each Ass cheek, rounded nicely by the Bikini and well.. your kitty (or would you prefer a diferent term?). Keep up the good work :)

  6. gehjcw09-30-2011

    i love your effort and the pictures on your sit, thank you. my mouth is watering. would you consider a request to buy your panties?

    • Amber Fellows09-30-2011

      You are very welcome, and it is my pleasure. I have to apologize for it being unclear at the moment as to how one might go about getting panties from me, because this darn site’s in a constant state of flux, it seems. For the time being, I am not taking on new buyers and focusing on ones that I’ve an established relationship with. When this changes I’ll no doubt update my blog along those lines. In the meantime, can I tease you? :D

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