Wet Panties and Dirty Gussets

Wet Panties and Dirty Gussets


…my biggest used panties dirty gusset update ever! I have three cameras now, and the Canon G10 can hold a lot of photos. Ones of me in used panties were woven in with many of my daily life…aside from my used panties adventures. I waited a long time to get them off and they accumulated as a result. I now have dirty gusset photos for 6 pairs of used panties to share on my dirty panty gusset gallery! This time I did input how long they were worn on the main panty pics. :)

You know, what is starting to happen is I look back at the shots taken of my used panties gussets and recall what was happening in my life or the process of slathering the gussets. I find that to be funny and a little bit odd at the same time! For instance, Jane, the Victoria’s Secret cheetah print thong pictured below, was the first pair of used panties that I had photographed while sitting down. Someone had suggested that I try it. I remember feeling so …girlishly naughty doing it, and what music was playing in the background. I went over to a friend’s house afterward–who has no idea that I provide used panties–and watched three amazing ladies from Lanai jam on ukuleles.

There is Paula, pictured below, the full-back Victoria’s Secret used panties with a little wet spot showing through. :D I will never, ever forget this pair of worn panties. I remember the entire process of getting them dirty because…somehow that fabric/color combination made it to where I would barely sweat and the mark would dry completely visible from the outside. So, after a few days of wearing them, it was just layer upon layer built up–and they all were different shades! I still cannot get over how neat those used panties were. Oh, and this pair of used panties will forever remind me of my lesson learned about careful viewing and sharing with my friends of what’s on my camera. I was feelin’ all buzzied at a friend’s birthday party and went to show two ladies the photos that I had just taken of us and…Paula and her wetness popped up.

Then, there is Flowers, not pictured, that you just have got to see! …pair of cotton CK briefs with my most favorite flower design ever! I LOVE flowers and these just hugged me so darn well–definite best used panties candidate! But what really stood out to me about Flowers was the video that I made in her–soon to be added to my panty tease videos! I think that I spent an hour playing around to “I Want to Give You Some Love” (feat. Lauren Hill) while dancing around in these used panties–all inspired by my new love for Zumba (applied….slowly). It was so fun. I cannot wait to post it. :D


  1. cjv01-26-2012

    Amazing Amber! Viewing your pics gets me very excited about what’s cumming my direction :)

  2. nickwet01-26-2012

    Incredible photos!!! You sure know how to turn a guy on!


  3. swingin low01-27-2012

    Firstly I can’t believe it took me so long to post! lol
    Secondly, secondly,,,, well erm,,,,secondly,,, ok words escape me.
    How can mere words describe the effect you have on me?
    I will try….
    Your fabulous hair cascading down the sexy curve of your back.
    The peachyness (?) of your bum with its crease leading to your nectars source.
    The gusset of your panties smoothed by the folds encased within.
    Thighs smooth and long and ideal for leaving lines of kisses on.
    I can’t go on, you are just too much….. x

    • Amber Fellows01-28-2012

      Thank you my low-swinging friend! The compliments are very appreciated! I don’t want to be too much, though. I want to be juuuuuuust right. ;)

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