Emma’s #UsedPanty Homage


Emma’s #UsedPanty Homage


I am still going to come back and share more of me in that bikini and futo tub, but I must take a moment or two to pay homage to a special person before she departs on her European adventure and…stops selling her used panties. She’s Miss Emma, whose had a personal panty sale site for her used items for a little while but will be abandoning it shortly. When she comes back from her journey, though, she’ll still be maintaining her Emma’s Panties and (maybe more so) large labia tumblr blogs.

When we first met, about two years ago (I think?), we immediately hit it off. I see a lot of myself in her, but these are characteristics that are a little more ‘behind closed doors’ for me. Miss Emma …just throws it out there, that naughty young lady. ;) I picture the two of us tearing the town up, if ever we were to meet in person. I love her sarcastic, blunt humor and playfulness. There have been more than a few times that I logged onto Twitter and saw her tweet things that just….made me smile. She’s got huevos.

(Now, Em, you never comment on my blog, but I know you subscribe to it, and I just want to let you know that you will be missed–your energy, essence. You are one in a million, baby. I know that we will still e-mail one another and all–and that I owe you some photos–but your spirit was such a nice added element to the whole used panty scene. I have to add, since I have been around a bit, that it was especially refreshing to see a woman whose not afraid to work for what she wants, and does not expect someone else to do it for her. :D )

So, since Em loves labia so much, and lady juices, I have decided to devote a special panty tease video and dirty gusset additions to my site just for her. Meet Dirty Deelite, added to my panty tease videos and posted on my naughty dirty gusset gallery. Kisses and warm, moist, plump wishes to Em.


  1. Ronald05-30-2012

    mm 6 minutes of delicious lusciousness had me entranced the way you wiggled ;)

  2. swingin low05-30-2012

    The best wiggle and the cutest smile. Sensational !!! xx

    • Amber Fellows05-31-2012

      It was just too much fun! This my theme song. :D I don’t know if you had the show Ally McBeal out there, but…her shrink recommended tat she have a song in her head that motivated her for a job interview, and…for the past 15 or so years since this one’s been mine! Grooove is in the heart, baby!

  3. Gary06-01-2012

    A very awesome homage to your friend Amber!
    Groove is in the heart!

  4. Drake06-02-2012

    Emma must be special for you to do a great vdeo for her. Made me wake up. Loved it.

  5. Emma P06-09-2012

    Amber, you are so wonderful I can barely express it in words. Seeing that you had made this for me brought both a tear to my eye and a smile to my face – as well as moisture to my crotch! I love you to bits. Thank you for being my friend, for being so eternally helpful, unbelievably encouraging and full of love for life. You’re a joy. You are a true inspiration. Thank you. I’ll be sure to send greetings and love from Europe, and beyond!

    Love always,

    • Amber Fellows06-10-2012

      I love you, too! It is a pleasure to really reveal myself to you, because you are awesome! Farewell, until we meet again, and have fun naughty one! :D

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