Dirty Panty Gusset Gallery

Welcome to my personal dirty panty gusset gallery page! Here in my dirty panties picture gallery you get to see my nectar in all of its glory, slathered over a variety of worn panty types are all sold. No other ladies post their gussets in my gallery. :) They are all worn for one to four days, and sometimes they are stuffed before the photos are taken. I’ll try to take note of that in the posts….

At any rate, enjoy your thoughts as you browse my dirty panty gusset gallery AND see this little sensual video tutorial about dirty panty scent zones! Bon apetit.


  1. Alffie4507-28-2013

    Hi, Amber!

    Just got myself username and password to Your great site. I have been enjoying Your vids on Youtube so much and I just love this site. I have a HUGE fetish for Ladies used panties and other scented items. Love Your sensual way of talking about panties and dirty gussets very much. Your Dirty Panty Gusset Gallery is a heaven for a pantylover like me!

    Thank You so much, beautiful Amber!



    • Amber Fellows07-30-2013

      Thank you, Alf, for taking the time to register and pass that on to me. I need to add more to this gallery. Do stay tuned. ;)

  2. carlos10-21-2013

    hi i love u

  3. carlos10-26-2013

    i like u

  4. carlos11-03-2013

    hi baby

  5. pantysniffer brian11-29-2013

    Hi sexy Amber,

    You are so incredibly sexy and please don’t stop this sexy site. Without question, my favorite section of this site is “the dirty gusset section”. I love looking at all those yummy sexy pics.

    Thank you
    Pantysniffer brian

  6. champion11-30-2013

    i amber i.m lou from Australia

    New to your site big used pantie fan will visit regually now ,getting my used panties from this girl in new town where she actually lets you pull them down and take them thats service anyway love you


  7. Pantysniffer brian12-02-2013

    Hi Amber,

    After the videos of you, this is my other favorite part of your site, ‘The Dirty Gussets’. Would love to see a few videos of the soled stained gussets if that’s possible.

    pantysniffer brian

  8. awadel01-08-2014

    alove yooou

  9. Jim03-15-2014

    Its so sexy to see how a woman knows that we guys want to smell her most intimate parts,yet doesnt mind it.Beautiful.

  10. Saboo03-16-2014

    Girl I would love to stick my nose into youre panties… then my tounge and taste your creamy deposits… You really give me a monster of a bone on…

    Keep up the good work…

    Saboo Seagull

  11. That_Panty_Dude03-20-2014

    Trick or Treat…. I like dirty panty treats :D

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