My Panty Tease Theatre

My Panty Tease Theatre
Since I have been providing used panties for a while, and accumulated a great deal of panty tease video clips, there are a lot of things that I can share here, for free. I have a lot of dirty panty videos, too. Some of my foot tease videos are included, many of which include me speaking. Other videos I just wiggle my panyt-clad fanny in, tug them around and such. But, just remember, I am a tease - not the fully-revealing type of woman. :) I am also the only panty seller featured in these panty tease videos. This one of the most fun aspects of owning and editing a personal worn panties website; I really like to show off. However, I do slice and shorten them up a bit from their original length...because I am a tease! None of these are for sale. They are from times past. The videos are not for sale, either, because, well, their quality is not the best! HA! So, it's wither let them weigh in my hard drive and...rust or...just freely pantease! Click on the titles or 'read more' to select the panties. There are two pages of panty tease videos. I'll stop talking and let you get to the action. ;)

The Best Boyshorts–Ever

I am adding these panties to both my Panty Tease Theatre and Used Panties Portfolio page because…they are the best [...]

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Dancing in My Sweaty Swimsuit with …#MuchMuffy! (4 min.)

One day, when I retire, maybe I will have posted all of my archival videos. In this longer clip, I [...]

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3 Minutes of Me Wiggling My #PeachFuzziedBum in a White #Thong

Here I go digging into my video archives again. I recently changed video hosts for everything that is in my [...]

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Much Muffy, Satin Used Panties Tease Video

I wanted to open this used panties tease video with something along the lines of “I am woman, behold my [...]

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Extended “Lucky” #WornPanties Slow Grind

Finally, I am adding a new panty tease video of me in a pair of used panties that have been [...]

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Sunshine Sweetened Back Sma

Sun-shiny #Thong #Panties Tease Video

I am still scrubbing my used panty tease videos folder and coming up with all sorts of lovely things to [...]

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“Necta” #DirtyPanties Video–FREE Download!

Jumping through hoops is not necessary for you to get a download of this fantastic four minute video of me [...]

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wet panty dirty gusset

My #WetPanties #DirtyPanties Dance on the Ceiling Video

Here’s a little goody from my archives. I was going to cut it down to less that one minute long [...]

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White #Thong #Panty Tease Video

(Panty Theatre and Used Panty Portfolio pages addition) It took me long enough to upload this panty tease clip to [...]

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“Love” in Your Face Double #Panty Tease Video Feature

(Panty Theatre and Used Panty Portfolio pages addition) Being off of Twitter in the mornings is becoming productive. While beginning [...]

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“Tang” #UpSkirt #Panty Tease #Fetish Video

(Panty Tease Theatre addition) Today’s tasty treat is my “Tang” panty, made of some sort of thick microfiber material and [...]

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#MUCHMuffy, Butterfly Sanctuary #Panties Tease #Fetish Video

@creepfan on Twitter named these used panties “Butterfly Sanctuary” just this week! Formerly, she was Mariposa. I shared many photos [...]

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JimRidin 00023

Ridin’ High (on Your Third Eye) #Panties Tease #Fetish Video

Hi everyone! In my previous post I shared a review from the person who I was making these panties, and [...]

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Mauve Satin Thong #MuchMuffy #Upskirt #Panties Video

Today’s used panties video is of me in a satin VS thong. You get to see up my skirt! Be [...]

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Tainted Tiana #WornPanties Play Video

Tiana was a pair of used panties that was not only beautifully tainted (oops, I forget to get a gusset [...]

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pink satin used panties

Pink #SatinPanties and #FootFetish Video

I looked back into my Used Panties Blog this morning and realized that it had been months since I posted [...]

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Sassy Red Satin #Panties Play #Fetish Video

It’s been a while since I added a panty tease video to my Used Panties Blog, primarily because I am [...]

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Jessica Kisses panty tease

“Jessica Kisses” #Panties Tease #Fetish Video

Here’s a new addition to my Used Panties Portfolio! Along the lines of my love for dirtying white panties, I [...]

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Emma’s #UsedPanty Homage

I am still going to come back and share more of me in that bikini and futo tub, but I [...]

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A Satin #DirtyPanties Story and Video

Delicious Dahlia, a fine pair of white satin used panties with lots of pretty flowers, is the main character in [...]

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#MirrorMonday with my VS #Thong #Panties

Good morning! I wanted to start of the week right with a special little used panties treat. I don’t believe [...]

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Ms. Bianca, Tight White Tanga #Panties #Fetish Tease Video

I need some sort of order to my Used Panties Blog posts–HA! I already showed off Ms. Bianca on Twitter, [...]

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Empowered by Flowers #Panties #Fetish Video- Feat. Ms. Oni

Oh my used panties happiness! Yesterday was full of technological glitches, and my panty tease videos were included in the [...]

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Tight, White #DirtyPanties Thong #Panties Video

To tie into my last Used Panties Blog update in regards to my new dirty panty gusset gallery additions, I [...]

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Peaches #UsedPanty Tease #Fetish Video

Today I would like to share more of my used panties in motion–”Peaches” panty tease video. She was made out [...]

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Pink Satin Kitty #Panties Tease #Fetish Video

I finally went through my pile of used panties videos yesterday. It’s something that I have been meaning to do [...]

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Black Satin #Panties Tease #Fetish Video

I have made a video of me in these satin used panties before, but I had to get another pair [...]

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Teal Satin Bikini #Panties Dance #Fetish Video

In hopes to brighten your Sunday, I am sharing a nice satin used panties video. I called her “Lea”–and I [...]

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VERY #DirtyPanties Dance #Fetish Video

I can add more videos to my used panties site, now that I have settled into my new computer! It [...]

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Untitled 1

#Panty Flower Power Show #Fetish Video!

My used panties updates have been lagging as of late; I must apologize. I have been running millions of computer [...]

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Flower Used #Panties Wiggles Video!

I promised that these used panties would be featured in my last post–so here they are! I loved these cotton [...]

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Pinky Hearts #Panties Tease #Fetish Video

I was amazed at how long it took for these used panties to be revealed. It had been nearly two [...]

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Blue Mesh String Bikini #Panty Tease #Fetish Video

Hello used panties fans! I have something so fun for you today. Remember my panty tease videos? I have a [...]

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#Spanking Myself in my Leopard #Thong Video

Hehe, oh my! This is somewhat of an older video of me spanking myself in my leopard print used panties [...]

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Black #SatinPanties #Upskirt Close Up Video

Victoria’s Secret calls them “cheeky panties” and they do caress them so well. I have sold a few used panties [...]

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Starry #UsedPanty #Upskirt Video

I decided to be a little more bold in the editing and displaying of this dirty panty tease video. Ass-ide [...]

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Sexy White G-String and #Heels #Fetish Striptease Video

It’s been a while since I dipped into my newer collection of videos, made with my camcorder, and shared them [...]

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Dirty White Cotton Bikini #Panty #Upskirt Video

For this dirty white used panty video I had to dig back into my upskirt archives once again. They were [...]

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White Mesh Brief #DirtyPanties #Upskirt

…digging into my older used panty tease upskirt video clips I found this one of teasing in a pair of [...]

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13858077 3cf

Surfer Hello Kitty #PantyTease Video

I have had these panties for over a year now and never have posted them! I think that the time [...]

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