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Zelda’s ( @pocopanties) Tiny Asian American #DirtyPanties


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I like to make my buyers, especially first time buyers feel as comfortable with me as possible as some of them are hesitant if they can trust an internet girl. After wearing the panties for two days with my approval that they are well scented, I take seven pictures of me posing in and out the panties. The pictures will be emailed to them the day I ship the package along with the tracking information. To make many first time buyers feel more comfortable and less skeptical: I can hold a sign up in the one of the pictures with any messages they want while wearing the panties or I can leave an imprinted of my lipstick on the panties and pose in the pictures.

Preferred Name: Zelda
Online Since: 2003
Country: USA
Items Offered: Used panties, used bra, socks, clothes, lingerie, and fetish items
Height: 5’6”
Eye color: Dark brown
Hair color: Black
Bra size: 34A
Panty size: S/XS
Favorite panties: Low-rise panties, thongs
Favorite qualities (about yourself): Love to please, reliable, fast services, and open minded
Personal role models: My mother
Favorite cuisine: Thai, Japanese, and Moroccan
Favorite scent: Combination of chocolate and strawberry
Favorite movie: Seven
Turn offs: Laziness, bitchy(only girls are allowed to do this), and dishonesty
Turn ons: Sexy lips, piercings(on the right places), nice abs, open minded, and animal lovers
Favorite position: On top
1 naughty personal secret: Selling used panties
Favorite fantasy: Sexy with a total stranger in a public place
zelda in panties

zelda used panties for sale

zelda pulling down thongzelda in her used panties for saletight boyshort used pantiespoco used panties for sale
zelda labia peekzelda wet panties for sale

zelda in dress

Where to Find Zelda’s Used Panties for Sale
zelda used panties for sale

See more of Zelda by clicking on the banner above!
Or, contact her directly using this form:

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Amy Lockheart’s (@AmyLockheart) #WornPanties – American w/Yummy #Nipples


(Buy Used Panties Directory addition) – Buy Amy’s Worn Panties!

Simply put, Amy Lockheart’s been selling used panties for long enough to know how to nurture interested newbie buyers as well as those who are seasoned at buying used panties! There are many ways in which you can communicate with her through her site – e-mail, chat, and even via telephone! She strives to be accessible and prompt with replies, and I have personally found her to be both. She’s articulate, sweet, savvy, and sexy, too! She’s a very visually-oriented used panty seller with fantastic photography and videos. See her intimate interaction with purchased panties in a few ways!

It is important to me that my used panty buyers feel confident they are receiving panties from me and only me so I offer several ways to verify. I am happy to take custom pictures of me in your pair. I will hold up a sign with your name or message you want and take a picture with me in the panties. Or my favorite way is to enjoy a live webcam session together! You can watch me get all juicy and delicious in my panties live on cam!! This option is a favorite of my used panty lovers.

Meet Amy
  • Location: Houston, Texas
  • Sun sign: Aries
  • Height:5’4″
  • Eye color: Blue
  • Hair color:Strawberry Blonde
  • Bra size: 34B
  • Panty size: Small
  • Favorite panties: A cotton bikini from Victoria’s Secret
  • Favorite qualities (about yourself): I am independent and very loyal.
  • Personal role models: Jennifer Aniston – she has it all and did it on her own terms.
  • Favorite cuisine: Mexican
  • Favorite scent: Vanilla Lace from Victoria’s Secret
  • Favorite place: On the beach in Bora Bora
  • 1 silly personal fact: I’m a total neat freak!
  • Favorite book: Atlas Shrugged
  • Favorite movie: The Book of Eli
  • Favorite music: I love anything that moves my soul – U2 is an all time fave though!
  • Turn offs: Selfish, arrogant, dishonest people
  • Turn ons: Confidence, generosity, honesty, loyalty, and a good hard body doesn’t hurt :P
  • Favorite position: Oooooh doggie style!
  • 1 naughty personal secret: I get turned on by the scent of my own used panties!
amys used panties
Amy’s Feedback

I encountered someone who buys used panties and had something that he’d like to share about Amy:

I was so happy to see you got to speak with Amy. No one could be a better example of how hard work, good customer service, and intelligence can bring success selling used panties. Amy is nothing if not detail-oriented. She covers all bases and you come away from a contact or purchase of her used panties with a feeling of importance, of satisfaction, and of having been taken seriously and treated kindly. She was always so very kind and I once reserved a block of time to have a private cam show with her. Delightful. – DS

amy in pantiesamy in panties
amy in pantiesamy in pantiesamy touching used panties


Visit Amy Lockheart’s Used Panties website! Read Amy Lockheart’s Interview on

Contact Amy

Lily Cherry

Lili Cherry’s (@IloveLiliCherry) #DirtyPanties – Canadian Fairy Princess #Panty Seller


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Lili Cherry has been offering her used panties online since 2009, and has outstanding feedback for the panties that she posts for sale on ebanned from panty buyers. She says that she especially likes to sell cotton and silky panties, and takes requests for extended wear. However, used panties are not her only forte. Foot fetish items–most notably pantyhose and stockings, are also on her list of favorite things for people to buy from her. She’s got a wide breadth of other services – from panty seller to cam girl, to on-your-knees-now sorts of fetishes. She especially loves pampering herself–most notably getting pedicures. She’s quite a little hottie, isn’t she? I love the photos that she takes of herself, very creative! She admits that she loves to take photos, too, and you can certainly tell how much effort she puts into the auctions where she displays her used panties to buy. She’s also very sweet, loving feedback from her panty buyers and discovering what other fetishes might interest them. Overall, she is very detail-oriented. If you are looking for a Canadian lady’s panties then consider this princess. How does she let her buyers know that she is to really be the one sending them her panties for sale?

Yes, I ‘m happy to take a few custom pictures of me wearing your used panties, holding a message with your name on it.

Meet Lili Cherry

Location: Canada
Native tongue: French
Selling Used Panties Since: 2009
Sun sign: Capricorn
Height: 5’3″
Eye color: light brown
Bra size: 36B
Panty size: 5/6
Favorite panties: thong! :)
Favorite panty fabric: spandex/nylon is soft
Favorite qualities (about yourself): my ass!
Personal role models: Marylin Monroe, Frida Khalo, Dita Von Tease
Favorite foods: fruit
Favorite place: home sweet home : P
Turn off’s: being judgmental, laziness
Turn on’s: good hygiene, soft skin, intelligence, creativity
Favorite position: me on top!
lili pink panties

lili in pantieslilicherry used panties

lili black panty to buy
lili spread pantieslili panty for sale

buy lilis panties
lili in pantieslilicherry used panties

E-mail Lili Cherry

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