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Regarding Men Wearing Panties


(About Me page addition) The question of how I feel about men wearing panties has been asked of me a lot in my time online. While it’s never really been the main part of me being a provider, I have developed relationships with some patrons who I do get aroused seeing them in my panties, in particular. If I am not familiar with the person, it’s a little different in terms of being aroused, though. I like random men in panties to be a little…well, buff, with shiny or sheer, slinky little things on. It’s a fun contrast.

What I like most about men wearing panties, though, is that they feel good in them. It makes them happy, and it harms no one. The little ‘radical’ in me also loves the thought of someone going against societal norms–what some professionals might term a ‘dysfunction’ of sorts (then medicate accordingly–HA!). Okay, that’s pretty arousing, too. :) RAWR!

My first and only experience with a boyfriend wearing my panties happened long before I became a panty provider, however. It was when I was 19 and dating the man that I should have never let go of. He was a humorous, playful man–but, believe it or not, he was very dominant in the bedroom. I remember thinking “well, that’s different” the first time that he picked my bra and undies off of the floor and put them on, but when he kept on doing it there became an understanding that it might be more than playing around for him. The man was hung like a horse, so he’d be breaching the seams all over the place. That part I liked (I used to like penises more, in general)–masculinity bursting out of femininity! He seemed to like having them over a full erection the most, posing sideways for me when he’d put them on. Okay, I need to stop thinking about him now :)

I have not been with a man who liked to put my panties on ever since, and I guess it’s not such an integral part of my kink to seek one out. Then again, I don’t seek men out at all anymore. But yes, men wearing panties is rad because it makes them happy.


The Nymph’s Back


I suppose that I should post on my used panties blog so that people do not think that I have disappeared. :) I have held off because so much was going on that I did not know where to begin; do I show off more of my bum (which is a continuum) or delve into what’s going on in my life, diary-style? I am going to mostly do the latter.

Before I abandoned my blog for 20 days, I was raving about how I think that everyone should buy Karina’s used panties because she is awesome, and then mentioned that a photog would be coming to visit me. Actually, first and foremost, he’s a special friend…who was more than open to the thought of letting me tease him while he took pictures of me. :) Well, he’s since come and gone and I have not much physical to show from it. The problem was that we planned to go too many places and do too many other things–which was fine, in its own little way. Plus I passed on to him the sickness that I inherited from my coworkers who like to cough all over everything. He though that he was strong but ended up being no match for Hawaiian kid coodies. He did take a few, done in the phases of getting to know my Pentax.

We visited one of several waterfalls on the island. Along the trail to the overlook we discovered a very old banyan tree with several strands of aerial roots dangling from its enormous branches. Its massive configuration at ground level looked like a wonderland–a labyrinth–so distinct from the surrounding landscape of palm trees, bamboo, vines, and ferns. It drew me (us) in. My little sundress came off, and out came the Naughty Little Forest Nymph. Pretty much the only place that had adequate lighting was partially visible from the walkway above, and I am pretty sure that a few people saw flashes of my panty-clad self through the tangle of roots as my partner attempted to take photos. Only three of them came out very good, though, and below is one of them. My Pentax does not do too well with its factory flash, which is why you only see photos taken with natural lighting on my site, but I still like the way that this one came out. It shows off the VS set and banyan roots rather well–HA!

Hmmmm, I have already written an adequate amount just catching up and describing the situation surrounding one photo! so much to show, so much to tell, …such short attention spans…. I will try not to be a stranger. Several blog ideas are swimming through my mind. Maybe next time you’ll see when the Naughty Little Forest Nymph struck again since.

used VS panties

IMG 1821

More Used Panties…and 2 Questions (You’ll Like This)


Wow, another two weeks have gone by since I posted on my used panties blog. It honestly does not feel like it has been that long. I have done a lot of tedious work on my site, as I said that I was going to, but I am still not finished. Well, in a way I never will be…. :) All of my panty tease videos are back up, and while I was enduring that lovely saga I realized that…I really need a new camcorder. Some time in the near future, that is what I will be campaigning for. The one that I have is said to be HD–maybe circa 1970! HA! It cannot pick up dung in low light situations, either. I am looking into two different Sony models. Since my Canon G10 might be on its way out (..little fungi on the inside of the lens & an inability to remove it without taking apart the entire body) I figured that it would be neat to replace it. The Sony camcorders have a little flippy screen and take nice large still shots–weeeee! I love my Pentax, and I can service it when it…acquires little living smears on the lens, but to be able to see what’s in the frame before I snap a photo would be so nice!

Along the lines of changes to my used panties site, I need to update my ‘About Me’ page–or add to it, rather. I’d like for other people to add things to it. Is anyone interested? Plus, I never really got into ‘me’ as a panty seller….

So far as site additions are concerned, I added 11 pairs of panties to my page within the buy used panties directory. It’s getting severely hard to keep track of everything that I have these days, but I suppose that is what you get when you buy too much inventory! However, getting to the fun part of my Used Panties Blog entry, …I am going to be adding something different to that page–my 6 year-old black string bikini (pictured, wet, below)!

I have a penchant for black string bikinis and recently obtained three new ones. :D …oh they are delicious, but that means that the O’Neill “Relic” (just named it!) has got to move on. So, that means it will soon also be up for grabs–er, sniffs ;) It’s so old that the inside liner is balling up into little pieces–but yet still so superbly made that it could take a few more years of white water/washing machine bashing. O’Neill rocks. I also like Hurley and Victoria’s Secret string bikinis. That is what the new purchases are!

I saved the best part for last…. It’s quite possible that someone else will be taking photos of me in these new sexy treats, but certain that…they’ll be taking photos of me, in general, in the weeks to come. My photog pipe dream will soon be a reality. That leaves me with the most important question of this post:

How might you like to see someone else play with me? Go right on ahead…use that imagination! I have been, for a couple of weeks now, and it’s produced a lot of….drippings. :D

sexy black bikini

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