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“Sky” Blue Satin Dirty #Thong – 2 Days!


(Dirty Panty Gusset Gallery page addition) “Sky” was worn for two days. I remember this satin thong being very tight, and the time of year WAS HOT! I have this theory that when it’s hotter, the panties end up having more visual evidence left on the gusset than tends to happen when it’s cooler outside. The photos were taken with a camcorder, so it’s not as good as my other samples–but they still work well!

dirty thong panty
satin thong panty


Mauve Satin Thong #MuchMuffy #Upskirt #Panties Video


Today’s used panties video is of me in a satin VS thong. You get to see up my skirt! Be forewarned: I’m not clean shaven in this panty tease video! I’m pretty sure those who can tolerate a bit of muff will like it, though. As for me, …I think that I have made better videos. Looking back, very few of the panty tease videos made in this particular house–that I no longer live in–I’m not completely fond of, so far as composition is concerned. There were hard lines everywhere–inescapable! The house was a little small and single wall construction, so most of my photo and videos looked like I was being impaled–HA! I had so many that also had my kitchen in them, with a nice big refrigerator. Yes, …shaking my bum in front of my refrigerator! It was located on a very busy street and often times I’d be doing the videos during morning rush hour traffic. Then, there were the chickens! …friggin’ things; I never got used to them. I did not mean for this to turn into a mini recollection rant. I’ll just say that where I live now is blissful in comparison. It’s actually the most peaceful place that I have ever lived in. I am a little noise intolerant–one of my neuroses! I want to live where I am now forever and ever. The setting’s a little more photo/video composition-friendly, too. I know, I am being too critical. Most of the people who view these are not paying attention to beams, chickens, tire roars, etc. And even if they were, these videos are free! Enjoy my pink satin, ‘much muffy’ panty tease!

satin used panties


Used Panty Review of “Desire” Satin Thong


used black thong review

I recently purchased a thong from Amber and wanted to let everyone know all about it. Let’s begin with the process itself. From the moment I sent payment to the moment I received the thong two weeks passed, which in my experience is extremely quick. The best part of this aspect of the sale was that she kept me informed and mailed the thong to me when she promised to and it arrived earlier than I expected. If this were all there was to the sale, Amber would already have won awards for great customer service. But there is more.
Throughout the entire process, before, during, and after, she indulged my emails and expressions of desire with kindness and professionalism. She knows what makes guys like me tick and what we want and does a great job of marketing and display, with all her images and videos on her site. That part alone might keep most guys happy, but I needed a thong with her inside and was desperate to find out what would arrive.
What did arrive was a mailer securely wrapped and taped, making it clear that no one had opened it or tampered with it, and that was a big plus. Inside was a lovely note just to me, and it made me smile and take a moment to reflect on just what was inside and who had sent it. Nice.
The thong itself was sealed inside two zip-lock bags. The final one contained the thong and, as I had asked her to let everything dry beforehand, there was no noticeable smell at first upon opening it. She had chosen a cute black and white thong with a kitty cat design on the front, obviously a thong she wore a lot, which was as I requested. I unfolded it to find the gusset had been further wrapped in wax paper, a new touch for me, and I knew she was a true professional about this and cared, taking that step to preserve the wear in that gusset.
I immediately unwrapped it and held it to my face, and the experience began. The first place I sniffed was the waistband, in the front, and I got the faint smell of the gusset, as it was folded against that after she took it off. Nice and mild, my first smell of the woman I had fantasized about for so long. I quickly slid the panty to the area just above the gusset and two distinct aromas filled my nose. One was the smell of her skin, likely after a bit of exercise or sunning or just the collection of her body smell after three days, and it was very arousing to have that, knowing whose skin had created it. Just a slight perspiration smell and it started everything inside me getting warmer and warmer. Just below that was the smell of her pee, so slight, the spot that covered her after she finished, and it just confirmed where it had been, on a real woman and right there. I rubbed it with my fingers to warm it up and it became stronger. I needed more.
I moved the thong so the gusset covered my nose entirely and began to breathe in over and over, warming the material. In seconds I had it, the scent of this wonderful, young, beautiful woman. Powerful but not harsh, the smell of her sex, of her accumulated pussy wetness, maybe even of her orgasm, soaked into and coating her gusset. I took it away and looked and found the sight very arousing; the black gusset was layered with the white remains of her dried juice and, I hoped, her cum. I resisted tasting her and went back to breathing her in, and the repeated breaths brought a more powerful and erotic smell each time. It was heaven, so delicious and sexy, so arousing. I stayed that way for a long time, learning her scent and imagining how it got there.
Finally, I had to learn one more smell of my fantasy woman. I moved the thong again and rubbed my nose across the rear of the gusset and it came, not as strong as one might expect, the smell of Amber’s bum. It was obvious she did not go out of her way to fill the gusset with it, just let it happen as it might, and I appreciated that. Some people need it, I just know it is part of the process and enjoy the faint reminder but do not get off on it by itself. Very nice.
I was able to enjoy her in this way for a long time, over and over, evening after evening, the familiarity with her scent adding to the experience. Each time I took her out, there was the anticipation of the scent, and each time it was there and realizing I now knew her this way made each time very satisfying. Amber’s thong gave me many nights of pleasure. Finally, however, I had to discover one last part of her, her flavor. I was almost nervous when I got to this point. I knew what to expect from all the thongs I had tasted before, but this was different, this was Amber, the panty goddess of my dreams. I took it out, breathed her in a few more times, and then laid the thickly-coated gusset across my tongue and waited. I let it get very wet and soft and then began sucking her juices out, and the flavors I got were better than I could have asked for. Mild at first, then stronger, the distinct flavor of a woman, but not harsh. Strong in a very nice way, and enough of it inside that I could swallow and have more, eventually filling my entire mouth and throat with her flavor. I could taste nothing else, and it was as close to oral sex as I could get, and it was delicious. Amber’s flavor, even after three days and so many hours in my hands, was what one would expect from such a pretty and exciting woman. After I cleaned every last bit of her out of that gusset, her flavor was with me the entire day, lingering, and that in itself was a turn-on. Wonderful.
To break it down: Presentation-10, customer Service-10, delivery-10, quality-10. Having bought many thongs over the past 8 years, I can say with certainty that this was the best; some had more powerful smell, some had more cum inside, but none had the best of all and none had the scents so matched to what I wanted. The best ever for me and I have had a few.
Thanks, Amber, for your efforts. Much appreciated.

see my kitty :)

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