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…here I thought that this used panties site would be fiddled with less than! Well, overall, it still changes at a slower rate than this monster of a used panties site, which has changed face….how many times since 2008? …a little too much, maybe–ha! I like it now, though. No more face changing, just…character lines from now on! :D Anyway, meet Sell Used Panties–the site formerly known as Used Panty Selling Advice. For those of you who are interested in learning about this particular used panties adventure of mine, you can read all about Used Panty Selling Advice‘s history in my Used Panties Blog. For those of you who have known me for some time (and have supported me–thank you, thank you, thank you), or others who might not really need advice…I am sorry to not to be showing off my or another woman’s bum in this used panties update–HA! …more of my bum will come…, always. :D
So, basically what happened was I changed the site name and added a new domain to also point to it. So, people can now access the site by entering or into their browser! Isn’t that neat? I think so! I wanted to do it a long time ago, to match with my already-established SellUsedPanties Twitter account. By the way, Tweeple, are you following me? ;) Not only do I tweet links to, I like to share tons of inspirational quotes and links to helpful third party articles. As a side note, the Twitter account associated with Amber’s Nectar Used Panties is In My Used Panties. That’s about all for today! I’ll come back and show off my panty-clad bum next–promise! First I have to figure out my Yahoo mail issues–grrrrrrr! Let me in! Open sesame! Open Amber’s Nectar! I need to cut back on coffee…..

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